With the clocks about to change and Spring on its way, Tesla have come up with a way to keep our pets safe in the warmer weather (hopefully us Brits will get some!). They have recently announced their launch of ‘Dog Mode’ in their Models S, X and 3. Rumour has it that Elon Musk picked up on a tweet in October 2018 from a guy requesting the feature and just a few months later it’s launched – we suspect it was already in the pipeline but it’s still pretty cool that it’s exactly what customers are looking for. And Tesla being Tesla, rather than launching this brand new feature via traditional methods that other car manufacturers would use such as a PR campaign, they simply announced it on Twitter and let everyone else do their PR for them. Genius!

‘Dog Mode’ is designed to keep your pooch safe whilst you’re away from your car. It keeps the air conditioning running and displays the current cabin temperature on the large interior dash display. It also shows displays a message to anyone peeking into your shiny new Tesla, reassuring them that your pooches are safe. Dogs are safe AND no smashed window – bonus!  

At the same time, the brand have also released ‘Sentry Mode’ featuring none other than the Cookie Monster himself. ‘Sentry Mode’ alerts the car owner to any potential threats to the vehicle and starts to record video footage, whilst blaring music as loud as possible and triggering the alarm – essentially causing a big scene!

Here’s what happened when the Cookie Monster tried to visit a Tesla…


A brilliant example of a forward-thinking business, not only using cutting edge, pioneering technology and a bit of good humour but also listening to their customers. Hats off Tesla! Now, if only we could afford one…. 

Note: We’re not dog or legal experts. Please check your local laws for leaving any pets unattended in a vehicle.

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