Whether you’re a lager drinker or not you have to take your hats off to Carlsberg’s marketing team for their honest approach in their latest ad campaign. They’ve changed everything about their product including how it’s brewed, packaged, promoted and branded. Following a change in tack they’ve recognised that their focus has been on ‘quantity over quality’ which has left them lagging with consumers now on a quest for more premium drinks that are about the quality of the experience rather than a cheap ‘quick pint’.

“We want to change the way people think about Carlsberg. We’ve been saying we’re ‘probably the best beer in the world’ since 1973, but the issue is that recently we’ve not been living up to that.”
Liam Newton, vice-president of marketing at Carlsberg UK

Carlsberg have recognised that the world of lager has changed and flipped their whole strapline of being ‘probably the best beer in the world’ to actually, we’re probably not.

Admitting that your product has fallen slightly behind over the last few years and that you really have run your ad campaign to death takes some balls. For that we salute you Carlsberg.

The brand is now on a mission to change the way people think about them, tackling customer perceptions head on with a bold and direct campaign. Emphasising how the beer is brewed along with tasting notes will be key to future campaign messaging. 

Relaunching with a brand-new brew, a Danish pilsner packaged in a premium glass bottle, Carlsberg are looking to rejuvenate their product and re-establish themselves as a more premium drink in the ‘standard plus’ end of the market.

The brand has also recognised that the ‘lad culture’ often tied to drinking beer has seen a shift in recent years. It no longer has a place in advertising lager brands. Carlsberg are now focused on ensuring that consumers enjoy their brew – both men and women.

Good luck Carlsberg – we’re off for a pint.

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