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Our culture is

We love
to break

We believe in our ability to

Strive to grab new possibilities, not to stutter or trip, but to walk with determination, to walk with passion, and decode the unknown and the known.

Our name Harrison Carloss accentuates the can-do spirit and strength of character of 30 years worth of creativity. The name is the continuous clue for all the Pioneers out there to dream and create amazing ideas and solutions. That is the code we live by. The Code of Passionate Determination.

Our Culture
  • Don’t call it

    We are curious by nature and we create progress. As we don’t know where our next project will take us, we always wonder what can be done that has never been done before.

  • a comeback,

    We strive to create technologically advanced solutions that help people and stand for our dig deeper approach, while we walk the path no one has gone before.

  • we've been

    Our commitment to details drives us to test and iterate in every phase of the project, to be sure of the high quality and usability.

  • here for years.

    We leave footprints with creativity that others dare to tread. We are Harrison Carloss and we are awesome.

  • Intro

    “Any business lives or dies by its people and at Harrison Carloss we want to create a culture that lets our people grow and create amazing experiences for our awesome customers.”

    Harrison Carloss

  • Step one

    It’s open season on liars and we’re hunting.

    We believe in a clear, open, honest and fun workplace. We love to keep the studio free from Rumours, Chinese whispers, Negativity and Dishonesty.

  • Step two

    We stand against gods and monsters with nothing but a mouse and keyboard.

    We love flexibility and the “can do” spirit to do whats needed. We rock an always ready attitude and always smile in the face of danger whilst adapting to help other awesome team members, departments and experiences.

  • Step three

    We listen to very nice views of others.

    At Harrison Carloss we always keep an open mind and liberal view to the opinions of others, thats how we roll and don’t understand why you’d be any other way.

  • Step four

    We are dedicated to beat the odds and traverse any distance.

    Honour, loyalty and an ability to follow through with your word is the code we live by, oh and to save Matt Damon.

  • Step five

    Every hero was once a contender who refused to give up.

    We believe that success and excellence is born from the basics. Plan your workload, set your goals, prioritise and work together to achieve greatness.

  • Step six

    Language is the foundation of civilization and it’s the glue that holds everything together.

    We believe that we should all communicate and interact in a positive, friendly, and respectful manner with your awesome team and cool customers.

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The latest goings on
in the studio

We are hard workers and problem solvers, able to understand both the technical and business challenges when creating innovative solutions and experiences. Sometimes though we love to go to annual events, celebrate birthdays in style, meet up socially, get involved in weekly education, office activities and discuss our obsession for cake. Find out whats going on at Harrison Carloss today.

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