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Beswicks Sports

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Beswicks Sports is a leading Sports Management operation based in the UK with offices in Canada and China and trusted associates operating globally. For two decades Beswicks Sports has worked alongside clubs and players on both sides of the Atlantic and around the globe, using in-depth sporting and legal knowledge to provide the very best advice and support. They are uniquely placed to provide a complete service, surrounding clients with a team of experts skilled at protecting clients’ interests and maximising opportunities for career success.


Their previous website wasn’t seen to be cool or visual enough to work in the sport sector – where a lot of money is spent to ensure branding appeals to key demographics. They needed a site which reflected what they do and the premium service potential customers can expect, effectively appealing to their audience which includes sports athletes and sports consultants.

Harrison Carloss looked to take the ethos of Beswicks Sports and modify the brand to something that’s modern and on trend to fall in line with its client base whilst maintaining its link to Beswicks Legal – their parent company. Our vision was to create a modern and on trend experience whilst showcasing Beswicks Sports heritage and expertise. This will be delivered via a secure and responsive website built on a bespoke in-house framework using the latest technology and platform to enable Beswicks Sports to re-launch its online presence.


Harrison Carloss rejuvenated the Beswicks Sports with younger, fresher website and branding that is more appealing to potential clients. The site retains the company’s rich history in sport but has translated this for the digital age.

We used rich colours and dynamic imagery across the site to represent the energy of Beswicks Sports, as well as their wide array of services. In addition, we re-designed their logo, maintaining the branded green element from their old site but modernising the tone to compliment the new feel and give a much-needed refresh to help Beswicks Sports stand out against competition.

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