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Digital Balance

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Founded in 2013, Digital Balance develop software solutions that help organisations manage and engage their workforce. These solutions can be highly customised to address the need and wants of the business but can cover anything from learning and development to talent and human resources. They work with a variety of high profile clients – from large global corporates to small independents.

Digital Balance was founded in 2013 and has quickly grown a long list of high profile clients including the likes of L’Oreal, Santander, Talk Talk, Now TV and BT, along with many other recognised national and international brands.


Digital Balance’s previous branding was anything but reflective of their services. Outdated, rigid and clunky – their branding meant that their message of streamlined and technology-forward solutions was being lost in translation.

Our vision was to reinvent the Digital Balance brand, effectively communicating the technological and modern feel but maintaining what makes them unique. For Digital Balance, this was a love of the sea and nature overall which was instigated by the company’s founders.


The visual identity of Digital Balance has been designed to show their breadth of expertise, to meet both the challenges of the commercial world and the expectations of their customers.

We set out to craft the look of the brand through a love of technology and the forms of nature, in particular water, utilising elegant typography and a bold use of colour and shape. We created a framework through which Digital Balance have the flexibility to engage with customers through lines of thought and conversation, emphasising their passion for colleague engagement.

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