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My Clever Group

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My Clever Group’s aim is to help empower businesses using the latest technology and become the primary choice for organisations across the UK and beyond.


The project was clear and simple, to develop an all encompassing and empowering web experience. The groups core theme of culture and bringing digitisation to businesses was paramount, whilst being wrapped up in a awe-inspiring and responsive skin. My Clever Groups position as the future of business, needed not only to be explained in a storytelling narrative but become apart of the organic feel of the site itself.


We created an engaging, aspirational and thought provoking web experience. By showcasing not only the culture, group history and core services, the site was designed and built to become a hub for careers and inspiring the next generation of pioneers. Utilising the latest in bleeding edge web technology, we crafted a modern, pioneering and inspirational website whilst keeping in check the company’s tone of voice and core ethos.

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