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My Clever Hub

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My Clever Hub helps entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business, or wanting to grow their start-up by providing an environment of creativity, challenge and innovation. It takes more than a good idea to be noticed, let alone chosen by customers and investors.

A promising venture requires compelling vision to stand out from competition and the right people to nurture and translate it into success. We invest energy and expertise to build strategic brands and disruptive products for start-ups seeking to use business as a force for good.


The project was to create a website that encompasses the culture and pioneering spirit of the Hub. We needed to show off both the entrepreneur incubator service and accelerator programme. We were required to build a responsive and full screen site that displayed the guidance to start-ups as well as advancing each entrepreneur’s business model and strategy.


We created a full screen and user led pioneering, engaging and aspirational website. By showcasing not only the hub culture, we created a story led approach to the content pages whilst keeping the main flow of the site, dynamic and thought provoking. The site also was built to provide a way to not only absorb the content but actually apply for help and to become part of the Hub.

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