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  • NourishlyAbout

    Nourishly believe in bringing the healthy back: Tasty, healthy, quality hand made food. This is the foundation that Nourishly is built on.

    They start with great ingredients that taste amazing. Ingredients that turn into delicious, balanced meals, without the need for compromise in health benefits.

  • NourishlyProject

    Our task started by asking ourselves a complex question. How to distinguish a brand from the rest in the highly competitive world of healthy food?

    We needed a brand that would retain a feel of taste and vibrancy with the backdrop of nutrition in a professional skin.

  • NourishlyResult

    We created a typography led brand reflecting a handcrafted artisan style that accentuates the core values of Nourishly.

    Hand made, Healthy with a true quality. We needed the new brand to remain consistent yet adaptable to fit with the multiple packaging styles that are inevitable with Nourishly’s continuing brand growth.

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