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We get under the skin of your organisation to develop a creative strategy that embodies your mission and values.

Whether you’re launching a brand or introducing yourself to new customers, we’ll help you with outstanding design and intuitive storytelling that create deep connections with your audience. Our work is built on original ideas that establish a distinctive identity for your brand.

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  • When it comes to branding, we’re creatively driven and strategically led.

    The purpose is to be independently recognised so that no other product or service compares. We find the most meaningful brands withstand the test of time by balancing distinction and connection. It is a visual and emotive relationship binding followers with your brand.

    • Brand Identity Design

    • Logo Exploration + Development

    • Brand Guidelines

    • Brand Collateral

  • A picture speaks a thousand words…

    Communicate the soul of your business with striking graphic design from our talented team of designers.

    Speak to your customers on a new level with original and innovative graphics, which are as distinctive online as they are on the page.

    • Digital Assets

    • Infographics

    • Posters

  • Tell your story with unique illustrations

    Step away from the stock photos and stand out from the crowd with unique illustrations that really tell your brand’s story.

    Creating bespoke illustrations that are tailored to your business help make your message more personal and engaging – and that can only be a good thing.

    • Storytelling

    • Animation

    • Visual Communications

  • You built a business, so make sure people remember it.

    The right piece of business collateral will stick in a person’s memory; keeping the brand top of mind.

    Whether it’s a business card or company swag, business collateral it is creating to create a lasting impression. At Harrison Carloss, we have a talented group of designers that will make sure that your company remains relevant, far beyond online.

    • Business Cards

    • Letterheads

    • Brochures + Flyers

    • Brand Collateral

  • Content is King

    The right words can turn into key conversations for your business.

    Whether it’s a snappy slogan or a whole website overhaul – our team of copywriters can help you find the words you’re looking for to start a deep, meaningful conversation with your customers.

    • Blog

    • Social

    • On-page Content

    • Tone of Voice

    • Ad Copy

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