Digital Designer

Luke Brookes

I started life with a crayon in my hand, and I’ve never put it down.

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  • I always knew I would be doing something creative as it was what I was always good at and after my dream of being an a dinosaur hunter didn’t work it was the next logical step. After going to university, still with crayon in hand I began my life as an illustrator, designer and all round creative dude. Working at various agencies, for freelance clients and teaching other people with crayons how to use them back at university, I joined Harrison Carloss.

  • My day is usually spent eating at the creative buffet, dipping into the digital sausage rolls or maybe partaking in a typographic scotch egg, usually filling my boots with just about anything that needs to look shit hot or make the mundane a little more interesting.

  • ” Well. shit. That didnt work”

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