Junior Developer

Stefan Tutuianu

Nobody remembers who finished second, so why not be first?

  • The Beginning
  • The Future
  • A typical day
  • That same thought was growing in me ever since I graduated from University and discovered a growing passion for web development. Well hay, you have to go with the way you’re wired, right? So I got my head down, worked at it, and a few years later, guess what? A funny company with a silly name – Google it was – awarded me a scholarship as a Front End Web Developer.
    Looking back, it turned out to be a life changing experience. From that point I knew that if I nurtured my passion, nothing would stop me becoming the best.

  • In fact I want to become so good at what I do that, eventually, I can work remotely from an island. My own private island. With palm trees and everything.

  • Starts with a coffee followed by a lot of hours in front of a computer, but who’s counting when it’s your passion?

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