With the day of celebrating love fast approaching we’ve picked out some of the best and the erm… unusual ways of saying ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day.


If tomato ketchup doesn’t say I love you on Valen-Heinz day, then I don’t know what does. Heinz have launched a limited-edition caviar ketchup to celebrate their 150th birthday. With only 150 jars available, you’ve got to be quick to get your hands on one.

Aunt Bessie’s

We all love a good Yorkshire pudding in the office, why not ‘bring out the bessie’ in your significant other with a heart-shaped Aunt Bessie’s – and a jug of gravy of course!


Nothing says I love you more than a bath bomb right? Lush have taken their valentines range to a whole new level this year – ‘peachy’ and ‘aubergine’ shaped bath bombs. Enough said.

Hemsley Conservation Centre

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing then perhaps this one’s up your street, Hemsley Conservation Centre has launched a new initiative for this year, you can name a cockroach… Perhaps you’ve got an ex that you’d like to commemorate. Either way it’s cheap at just £1.50 per cockroach. Bargain.

It also seems that Texas’ El PasoZoo has taken inspiration but gone one step further – they’re guaranteeing that your cockroach will be fed to the meerkats on Valentine’s Day. Nawww, how sweet.


Poundland have had a lot of press coverage around their £1 ‘placeholder’ engagement rings. Apparently, there will be around 20,000 lucky recipients this Valentines. No more excuses that they’re saving up ladies and gents.

Jimmy Choo

From Poundland to Jimmy Choo, depending on your budget there’s something for everyone in this round up. This year Jimmy Choo have teamed up with London based Flowerbx to deliver a shiny new pair of shoes (every woman’s dream!) AND fresh flowers. Extra brownie points guys!


Finally, our favourite – KFC’s ‘Scratch & Sniff’. Show your other half you love them with some of their famous fried chicken. Spend $10 on a Chicken Share meal and get a free ‘scratch and sniff’ card to give to your valentine – win, win! You can then enjoy the scent of the Colonel’s fried chicken for longer.

Sorry to get you all excited but it’s only available in the US this year – maybe next year KFC?


And that, is our round-up for this year. I think we can safely say that whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all at Harrison Carloss x

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